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Connect to Your Inner Healer

Work with me to deepen your experience in sound in one of my workshops; Melodies of the Heart, Your Purpose in your Soul Song”, “Your Voice as Healer, the Power in your Sound”, “Sound, Heal and Move, A Celebration of Life”, and My three month program; “Six Sessions to Self Awareness”  Contact me to learn more and host a workshop or group experience.

 Monthly Healing Circle
Starts Saturday, January 14
10:00am PST

The January 14 session will be free. For February 11 and March 11 and future circles a small fee of $20 will be requested. Niobe will send a Zoom invite to the attendees.

Join Niobe for an hour of healing energy light and sound. Clear your mind chatter and relax your body from the stress of the week. Connect with your soul to hear the messages from your own heart.

In this healing group healing circle Niobe will connect individually as well as lead group sounding.

​Niobe helps you get out of your head and get into your body. Listen to the truth of who I am. The messages of my heart, of what I really desire. What I am here for.

Niobe Weaver is an emotional healer, soul-path activator, spiritual midwife, and sound healer. Since 1998, Niobe has been offering sound and light language healing work.

Contact me to learn more.

Hello and Welcome Dear Heart -

To my world of sacred sound, music, healing and light language. My work comes from Creation, the heart of the Universe, and has been my guiding force since my near death experience in 1989. In your Heart Notes, you will receive teachings, messages and more to help you connect to your soul, open to divine love and live your life with purpose.

Your time and email is sacred. I will not overflow your inbox or share your information. I am grateful you are here! Let’s see what we can create together!

Love and Blessings,


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