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“Working with Niobe brought me in touch with my ultimate truth, the woman I know and feel myself to be. The woman I want to share with the world at every turn, unapologetically. My energetic system feels aligned and opened. All parts of me are connected and working together. Sessions with Niobe are deeply meditative but also supported with tender connection in a beautifully supportive way.”

Alicia Patterson Pelvic Bowl Therapist

“My Sound Healing experience with Niobe was incredible. She asked me to what areas of my life I was struggling with and asked me to get comfortable. She began singing and playing her crystal bowls and guided my hands to different chakras that needed attention. I felt warm and tingling energy moving around different areas. She asked me to be open to what words or images came to me, and throughout the session the words compassion and forgiveness kept coming through. I realized that is was self-compassion and self-forgiveness and that I needed to do that for myself. Niobe’s voice and the sounds of the crystal bowls was so soothing- I felt so loved and protected and safe. It felt like a journey of self-love back to myself. I made changes since then to make more time to fill my cup and bring more compassion and forgiveness for myself into my life on a daily basis. Niobe has a true gift of sound healing that aligns your chakras and guides you to listen to your intuitive messages”

Kristin Akerele, Breathwork Yogini

“I have had two amazing healing sessions with Niobe, both I experienced physical, emotional and energetics shifts ❤ I found her energy to be so aligned, I truly resonated with her voice, tune and light language. During my second session we went deeper and I was not feeling well, my body was aching especially my right side. I gave no indication pf this and Niobe spoke of my pain that was sitting in my right hip and right knee… I felt the pain dull and shift quite significantly, I received a very clear vision of an energy moving out of m body transforming in to a transparent whirlwind and move away ❤ Thank you Niobe I love your energy and your work!!!
Highly recommend you ❤ ❤ ❤

Julie Nelson, Artisan Perfumer

Hello and Welcome Dear Heart -

To my world of sacred sound, music, healing and light language. My work comes from Creation, the heart of the Universe, and has been my guiding force since my near death experience in 1989. In your Heart Notes, you will receive teachings, messages and more to help you connect to your soul, open to divine love and live your life with purpose.

Your time and email is sacred. I will not overflow your inbox or share your information. I am grateful you are here! Let’s see what we can create together!

Love and Blessings,


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