My Story

My story starts here, in the depth of my internal waters.

In 1989 I had a near death experience. To understand and integrate what happened in those moments would take time, deep inner reflection, and healing work from a master energy worker.

The process changed my life.

Looking back I realize it was a time of awakening. 

It brought me Spirit guides of the elements, Wolf and Spider of the earth, and Eagle of the air brought powerful teachings early on.

Over the years, I had a series of Whale dreams with Beluga, Humpback, Grey, Narwhal and Killer whales accompanied by dolphin and wolf. These dreams took me deep into my inner ocean to hear what was sounding within me. Those teachings have come to surface now, creating the message and work I now share.

What is sounding in the depths of your inner waters? Are you ready to bring it to the surface?

If you feel a resonating “yes”, I would love to be your guide.

Reach out to me and let’s connect, over the phone or email.

Explore My World

I am an artist at heart.

I fell in love with music, sounds and ballet by age four. Singing to Disney records and matching sounds I heard in my environment would lead to choirs and drama clubs through school. Even an adventure of singing in a traveling rock band in my early adulthood was a great experience. But working with my voice would wait many many years to completely open.

Ballet was everything.

I was in love with my first pair of pink slippers. When I turned 8, a rare bone disease stopped my dancing and put me on crutches for two years while my hip regenerated new bone. Not being able to dance was heart breaking, so my mother started me in piano lessons. It was a balm to my little girl’s soul. Once my hip was healed I continued to study piano as I returned to ballet and performed on the same stage as the great opera singer Enrico Caruso at age ten. I danced and performed ballet, modern and jazz as long as my body would say “yes”. Today, I continue to dance with the gentler forms of Nia and Soul Motion.

Instant Click

My last public performance with dance led me into the healing arts. I was in a musical, and got injured in rehearsal. The producer’s wife just so happened to be a massage therapist! There was an instant click inside me. Within a few years I was a certified licensed massage therapist.

Fifteen years of Healing Energy

I held a professional practice incorporating energy modalities of Healing Touch, Reiki and Sound healing for 15 years. I loved helping people to heal in body, mind and spirit. Doing bodywork is like a dance with the body. It leads your hands to where they need to go, it tells you what emotions are present and the beauty of the spirit.

Study and Discover my Spiritual Path

Woven through this immersion in the performing and healing arts has been a spiritual thread from my Native American grandmother. Her ESP as my mother called it, the gift of intuition, is shared from my grandmother, to my mother, my sister and myself. This sense of knowing was present from a very young age. It awakened to a fuller state in a theology class my senior year of high school while studying Transcendental Meditation, Silva Mind Control, and Self Hypnosis. During the final meditation of the year I had an unexpected but incredible out of body experience that held a precognitive vision that would come to fruition twenty seven years later! The vision was a constant beckoning to seek, to study and discover my spiritual path.

Near Death Experience in 1989

In 1989 I had a near death experience. To understand and integrate what happened in those moments would take time, deep inner reflection and healing work from a master energy worker. The process changed my life and my massage work into an organic flow of understanding the nature and spirit of the energetic systems within and around our bodies.

I Began to See, Feel and Hear Energy

I VIEWED THIS GIFT TO SEE, FEEL AND HEAR ENERGY AS COMING FROM MATERNAL LINEAGE. It grew stronger, the more I practiced what was intuitively guiding me. As I began to experience energy differently, I clearly remember asking in prayer: “What is the purpose of this gift? What do you want me to do?” The answer came, “Reflect the beauty and divinity within.” Sing the imbalanced into harmony.” As beautiful as this was, it was also challenging and overwhelming. It felt a little crazy! During this time I became a student of different religions and philosophies. Eventually finding my spiritual home in the a New Thought church. The tones and sounds I heard from my clients, became melodies and songs that would develop into the form of healing I work with today. This is when singing began to glow like a warm ember.

I know you’ve heard this “watch what you ask for, you will get it!”

That is the truth! I would sit in church listening to the soloist sing and my heart would say “wouldn’t it be fun to be up there singing, just like her?” Little did I know! I couldn’t have imagined how that desire would be fulfilled. My beloved mentor and friend Bob Vincent and I created a workshop.

After presenting the workshop a couple of times he offered to sponsor my first CD “Language of Light” I thought I would have a simple sounding/toning meditative CD. Instead full songs, melodies and lyrics came pouring through with inspiring messages in each one. I would partner with the producer/ co-writer of my CD in life and performance for several years. I’ve had the joy of performing and speaking inspirational messages at New Thought churches nationally, and opening for author’s Deepak Chopra and Alan Cohen. I now have three CD’s and four in the final stages of production.

My music and messages all have the core of inspiring you to discover and become your greatness, and Shine! I am able to reach many people at the same time in this capacity. Personal sessions are to clear what is blocking the way to realizing your potential.

So how does all this come together to help you?

I am a bridge that grounds the esoteric vibrational world into the physical with science and practical applications of sound and music. The purpose of my work is to reflect to you the reason you are here. To truly love and accept who you are, inside and out! I use my voice, quartz crystal singing bowls, an ancient light language and energy work to evoke an “in-body experience”.

When you truly know who you are, and you can unconditionally love and accept yourself, anything in life is possible!

I invite you to reach out and share your story with me! It would be an honor to work with you!


Hello and Welcome Dear Heart -

To my world of sacred sound, music, healing and light language. My work comes from Creation, the heart of the Universe, and has been my guiding force since my near death experience in 1989. In your Heart Notes, you will receive teachings, messages and more to help you connect to your soul, open to divine love and live your life with purpose.

Your time and email is sacred. I will not overflow your inbox or share your information. I am grateful you are here! Let’s see what we can create together!

Love and Blessings,


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