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Sound is the foundation of all matter.

We are a part of  an ever changing sea of sound energy. We are remembering how the ancients healers used sound to heal and manifest from this sea of vibrational possibilities.

Many frequencies we can hear and others are out of range with the human ear.

Most of the time we don’t think about the sound that’s in in our environment unless the frequency captures our attention. Sound can be loud! Sound can be soft. Sound can be soothing. Sometimes, sound is dissonant.

What we are not aware of, are the effects sound has on our physical, emotional and spiritual health. It isn’t just our ears telling us what we like and don’t like; It’s our physical body and energetic body that is transmitting information back and forth. This communication triggers a positive & negative responses causing an imbalance that leads to dis-ease. Like an instrument, we are “out of tune” or “not in harmony” with our inner and outer environment.

How often should you have a healing sound session?

If my clients aren’t working on intensive issues, I tell them it’s necessary to get a “sounding tune up” with the change of seasons. Each season has its effect upon us, physically, mentally and spiritually as well as every day stress. For optimum health to live the life you desire, take care of yourself vibrationally as well as diet and exercise.

I offer a variety of sound healing modalities, see below, which ALL are specifically tailored for you.

Sound Sessions

Soul Reading

Sound Prescription

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