Soul Song Alchemy

Soul Sound Alchemy

4 Weeks to Attune to Your Voice and Awaken the Healing Power of Your Soul Song

Niobe Weaver

Sacred Sound Music Healer
Light Language Channel
Sonic Activator
Soul Song Alchemy

4 week digital class to tune into the healing power of your voice
Own the power of your sound to sing the Song of your Soul

Come Home to your Voice!
Have you had your voice shut down?
Do you think twice before you speak up or say anything?
Or maybe you watch and feel the energy out for when it feels safe to speak?

Were you told to be quiet?
You’re too LOUD!
Can’t carry a tune in a bucket?
Oh… But how good it feels to sing in the shower!
It’s so freeing to yell like an amazon warrior in the car.

Or it feels so natural to make funny noises with the dishwasher’s thrumming beat
Is this you? Do you want to open that beautiful sound in you?
If So, I am here to guide you into that opening.

I have helped many women open to the healing power of their voice. When a woman touches
that sacred depth of her soul with her voice, it is a birthing of who she truly is. As she develops
this sacred relationship, she knows how to return there, again and again, with the sounding of her voice.

With the gift of your unique voice, you can heal yourself and others. You can change your vibration, which changes your life.

In 4 weeks we will open up the channel to the relationship of Voice and Soul.
Are you ready to find out how incredibly powerful you are?

I can hardly wait to start this group class on June 26th!

I have a few openings now.
I would love to have you join me!

Are you a conscious spirit loving seeker whose feeling the need for a deeper connection to your soul and wonder if using sound can be the answer?

Have you had a spiritual awakening and you’ve heard about the power of sound and are compelled to learn more?

Can you wonder what would it feel like to be able to sing your own Soul Song?
Are you a healer, therapist, holistic practitioner, yoga instructor, and are interested in bringing

Sound into your practice?

Are you a beloved woman, in the depths of her human being-ness, is seeking a safe space
within herself to discover, heal, listen, and learn to love herself unapologetically?

Yes? Yes! You Can open this Powerful Magic of your Voice!


You are a divine being! You have the sacred gift of your voice that is like no other voice on the PLANET! NO ONE… SOUNDS LIKE YOU!
This sacred gift you carry with you everywhere you go.

It can clear your energy
It can reduce pain
Calm anxiety
Release sadness and grief
Express unbounded Joy
It can coo love to your whole being

Are you ready to claim your sacred gift?


Hello and Welcome Dear Heart -

To my world of sacred sound, music, healing and light language. My work comes from Creation, the heart of the Universe, and has been my guiding force since my near death experience in 1989. In your Heart Notes, you will receive teachings, messages and more to help you connect to your soul, open to divine love and live your life with purpose.

Your time and email is sacred. I will not overflow your inbox or share your information. I am grateful you are here! Let’s see what we can create together!

Love and Blessings,


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