I am Sacred Love

I Am Sacred Love and Self Appreciation

90 days to shift your inner critic and fall in love with All of your Sacred Self!

Can you really change the patterns of critical thinking and talking down to yourself in 90 days? YES! You Can! Imagine being able to connect and know how to shut down your critical thoughts with simple tools that you carry with you everywhere you go.
How would your life be better if you were able to shut that damn voice up, and have confidence, trust, joy and love flowing through you at any moment? Niobe can show you the way! Click here to find out more.

Hello and Welcome Dear Heart -

To my world of sacred sound, music, healing and light language. My work comes from Creation, the heart of the Universe, and has been my guiding force since my near death experience in 1989. In your Heart Notes, you will receive teachings, messages and more to help you connect to your soul, open to divine love and live your life with purpose.

Your time and email is sacred. I will not overflow your inbox or share your information. I am grateful you are here! Let’s see what we can create together!

Love and Blessings,


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